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5 Ways to Make Reading Fun

5 Ways to Make Reading Fun

Five Ways to Make Reading Fun 

1. Read Aloud: Find new ways to read aloud to your children. Try reading a book together before dinner each night, or perhaps a chapter book where you read one chapter each night while setting the table together. Ask an older sibling to read to his/her younger brother or sister.

2. Traveling Books: Keep a book to read to your child in your bag. Take it out to read while waiting to be served at a restaurant, or waiting in the doctor’s office. Take a pile of books to keep in the backseat of the car for kids to read while waiting in traffic.

3. Family Reading Time: Establish a quiet family time when everyone reads. Find a stormy Sunday morning where everyone curls up and reads. Read next to your child, but your own book to show your child that you also love reading books.

4. Reading Trips: Visit your local library on a regular basis. Find out what’s new with your favorite authors. Visit local bookstores and browse through the shelves together. Find a used bookstore and check out the latest shipment of books recently donated.

5. Connected Reading: Tie reading to your child’s interests. If your child loves baseball, find stories to read about baseball heros. If your child is going on a school trip to a museum, find books about museums, dinosaurs, reptiles, etc. If you are going to visit relatives who live near the beach, find books about shells and marine life.

What different ways do you make a place and time for reading in your home?

How many ideas can we add to suggest other times and places for reading together?

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