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Baseball and Books for Boys

Baseball and Books for Boys

I found this great series of books on baseball for boys on, a great website that offers advice and resources for dads to help promote reading to their children.

Often getting boys interested in reading is a challenge. Since the birth of the Harry Potter series and The Wimpy Kid series, I have seen more and more boys with books in their hands, absorbed in reading. One of my own grandsons is in love with Greek Mythology and another with anything to do with baseball. I strongly support giving children the opportunity to pick out their own books. Whether you go to the library or take your children to the book store, you should allow your children to choose books they want to read. That is how I came across this series of baseball books by Kevin Markey.

Kevin Markey writes about Florida’s baseball spring training which opens in February. Where he lives, snow usually covers the ground at that time of year. The opening of the major league camps signals the awareness that spring is about to arrive. Check out his website:

Kevin is the author of Slumpbuster, Wall Ball, and Wing Ding—the amusing first, second, and third books in his Super Sluggers series of baseball adventures—and several books of nonfiction. He lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, with his wife and two children, and a lovable yellow-haired dog named Happy.

This series is well written for middle-readers who enjoy baseball or sports in general. The books are full of laughs and funny exaggerations, but also have a believable and enjoyable plot.

Parents with children in sports will love the positive messages in these books. The author downplays winning and encourages other values such as determination, supporting your teammates, and working hard to achieve your goals.

Wing Ding and the Super Slugger series is a great set of books for all types of readers. Independent readers as well as reluctant readers will enjoy these books. Parents will enjoy reading it aloud to their younger children as well. This is a sports series that is highly recommended and worth running to the bookstore to purchase for your home.

Lincoln Peirce, author of the very popular Big Nate books, wrote:
“The Rambletown Ramblers are the funniest, most entertaining baseball team since the Bad News Bears. Kevin Markey hits a grand slam with his Super Sluggers series. Action, humor, adventure, suspense, and even a helping of baseball history: like a great player, these books have it all.”

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    Thanks so much for including my blog post in your April I Can Read Carnival.
    I love your blog post and enjoy following you. Appreciate your support for early literacy.

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