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Best Reading Gift Ever

Best Reading Gift Ever

Best Reading Gift Ever

I love to read a book before I go to sleep. I often would curl up with a blanket on the couch and read until I felt tired enough to go to bed. Now that winter is here, reading on the couch, even with a blanket was getting quite chilly. So on a recent shopping trip to the local mall, my husband bought a reading light for me to read in bed.

It is a simple LED light that hooks on to the side or top of my book and gives me enough light to read but is small enough that the light does not bother my husband who falls asleep right away.

As we were leaving the mall, my husband suggested to get 3 more reading lights, one for each of our grandchildren, ages 6, 8 and 10. After purchasing 3 more reading lights, each in a different color, we headed home. The next day we gave each grandchild his or her own reading light, along with a new book to read.

We hear glowing reports from their parents now that every night they curl under their covers and are delighted to read before bedtime.

One evening, my daughter borrowed one of the reading lights and read to her 3 year old at bedtime while tucking him under the covers. The next night he wanted the same special reading light, so off we went to the mall to buy another reading light for grandchild number 4.

What a great way to encourage reading for your child. Reading lights are inexpensive, but provide hours of reading light and help give your child the incentive to keep reading books before bedtime. Check Amazon for lots of different reading lights, all priced at around $10.00 or less!

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