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Create a Special Place to Read with Your Child

Create a Special Place to Read with Your Child

One of my favorite authors is Anna Quindlen. In her book “How Reading Changed My Life,” she talks about where she loved to read as a child.

“There was a club chair in our house, a big one, with curled arms and a square ottoman; it sat in one corner of the living room…In my mind I am always sprawled in it, reading ….”

One of my favorite websites is:
She also has a great blog:
These bookshelves are a great way to get started in creating a reading “nook” for your kids!

At a teacher’s conference in 2001, Jim Trelease came up with the idea of using rain gutters to display books in a classroom. In another website: you will find a great example of how to take rain gutters and build easy, affordable bookshelves.

I love to read at night, when everyone else is asleep and the house if perfectly quiet. I sit by my kitchen table, with a cup of hot chocolate and read for an hour or so. With my kids, I have created a special place upstairs in our attic, where we have a table and a bunch of chairs and no other distractions. We do fun reading activities there together. Of course there is always the book to read at bedtime when my kids are all in pajamas and I let them each pick out a book to read while we cuddle under the blankets.

Have you created a warm and comfortable spot for reading in your home? Do you have a favorite chair where you like to read? Where do you read with your child?

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