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Creative Holiday Gifts $10.00 or Less

Creative Holiday Gifts $10.00 or Less

Creative Holiday Gifts for

under $10.00


Holiday gift shopping can be expensive. However, it is possible to be creative, educational and still keep to your budget if you have the right mind set. So here are my suggestions for great gift shopping that will not make a hole in your pocketbook.

You can still put a smile on your child’s face and not empty your bank account.


You can buy stickers in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can find stickers about animals, cars and trucks, butterflies and fairy princesses. You could even add a notebook with blank pages to allow your child to create their own sticker book album.


 You can never have enough markers and crayons around. No child can resist a new package of markers or large box of crayons. Markers come in many colors, shapes and sizes today so you can be creative. You could add a package of blank paper for drawing or even fun coloring pages which you can download for free on many web sites today.


It is possible to find a dry erase board with dry erase markers in fun shapes for drawing. You can also find small portable black boards with chalk and eraser. Either choice is a fun way to keep your child busy while creating their own designs or writing words and illustrating them on their own board.


A deck of cards has endless possibilities for games. There are numerous ways to have fun with your child using cards. Cards come with various designs and shapes today and you can decide what kind your child may like. It is then up to you to teach a new card game or play old favorites like ‘War” or “Solitaire.”

5. BALLS :

Here is a category all children will love. From soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls and footballs, you can find a ball that your child will enjoy. There are balls that bounce and balls that are colorful, balls that are covered with a funky design and balls that you can squish, endless choices for your child to have a good time.


This category is only for girls but has so many exciting ways to expand her wardrobe. There are bows, hair clips, and head bands galore to choose from in any color or design. Fun necklaces, beads, bracelets and earrings are also abundant and can be inexpensive too. You can add a special box , gift bag or plastic bin where your daughter can store all her special items.


Okay, now for boys toys. In any dollar store or toy store they still sell small cars for under $1.00. Find unusual ones with a fun design or color and add them to your child’s collection. There are plastic boxes you could add where your son can store his car collection.


Books can be expensive but it is possible to find great books at bargain prices. Check your local book store and find the “sale” rack. Go to your nearest used book store and search for some great treasures. Lots of times used books can be bought in excellent, “like new” condition. Another place to find books is at your local dollar store. You may include in this category workbooks, books with dot to dot designs, books with mazes, coloring books, etc.


Another fun category that can be found for reasonable prices are new slippers for the winter or fun socks. These can be bought in countless colors, patterns or designs and will brighten any child’s holiday. There are plenty of places to pick these up for very reasonable prices.

10. FOOD :

My last category is fun food. You can fill a small gift bag or small box with a favorite snack. You can add a package of hot chocolate, a pack of gum, some holiday candy and then wrap them all up to surprise your child with a delicious gift to enjoy for the holidays.

Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? How do you budget for your holiday shopping lists?

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