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Do You Have A Literacy-Friendly Home?

Do You Have A Literacy-Friendly Home?

You set the example for your child. Your home reflects what you value the most. Look around your home and think about what you do with your child everyday.Your home should be the place where your child experiences books and love for reading.

Does your home provide some of the following items?

1. My child has crayons, markers and/or pencils for drawing and writing.

2. My child has several alphabet books to read.

3. My child has many rhyming books and picture books.

4. My child has alphabet letters or cards to play with.

5. We read to our children (or another adult in my home) at least 4 times a week.

6. We take our child to the library, book store at least once a month.

7. My child sees adults in our home reading books, newspapers, magazines often.

8. We sing alphabet and/or rhyming songs with our child often.

9. We help our child write his name and/or other people in our family’s names.

10. We encourage our child to write letters of the alphabet or words.

11. We have dinner (or bedtime, bath time, etc.) conversations with my child at least 3 times a week.

12. My child has board games and other card games that teach letters and words.

13. My home has at least one comfortable place for quiet reading.

14. My home and/or my child’s room provides shelves for books to be kept in an orderly fashion.

What else do you do to promote a strong home literacy environment for you and your children?


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