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Egg Carton Challenge

Egg Carton Challenge
Egg Carton Challenge

Materials Needed:

one empty egg carton
one sheet of white paper
marker, pen or crayons

Take the one sheet of paper and cut out 36 small sqaures.
On each square write one letter of the alphabet (26 letters.)
On the extra squares write additional vowels (a, e, I, o, u) so you have 2 of each vowel.

How to Play the Game:
Open the egg carton.
Place some of the letters in the pockets of the egg carton to make up a word.
Ask your child to read the word.
Now ask him/her to make up a word using different letters.
Continue making up words together.
Now try making up short sentences using the letters.
Place the letters inside the egg carton pockets to form the words and sentences.
Ex. A boy is mad.
The girl hops.



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