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Encouraging Writing and Young Children

Encouraging Writing and Young Children



One of the best ways to reinforce reading skills is through writing.

Graves (1983) wrote children want to write.

They want to write from the beginning of school. Before school, he continues, young children write on walls and pavement. Children may seem like they are scribbling, but there is meaning behind it; the children need only be asked what the scribbles mean (Graves, 1983).

There are many ways to encourage your child to write.

1.  Allow your child access to alphabet stamps, stickers and stencils.

2.  Keep available stationary, lined and unlined paper, colorful paper, old cards and postcards. Find “Storytelling Paper” which gives your child lines to write on the bottom of the page and empty space on the top of the page for illustrating their stories.

3.  Make sure your child has access to pens, pencils, markers, pencil grips, etc.

4.  Have a designated space for your child to find all these supplies and a comfortable desk or table area on which he/she can work. Keep supplies handy and in containers so they are kept neat and organized.

5.  Provide prompts to encourage writing. These can be a batch of photographs from a recent family outing, interesting pictures cut from an old magazine or a bunch of words which you pre-cut out of a newspaper or magazine.

6.  Encourage your child to write by providing a journal or notebook which they can keep in a special place. Allow your child to select his/her own special journal or decorate a notebook which you provide.  Here is a suggestion of a great first journal”

My First Gratitude Journal

by Vivian Tenorio a

Jav Publishers

What other ways do you encourage your child to write?

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