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Five More Ways to Have Fun This Summer

Five More Ways to Have Fun This Summer

Five More Ways to Have Fun

This Summer 2012

1. Plan a picnic:

Pack up some sandwiches, a bunch of fruit and some drinks. Take along a few napkins, paper plates and cups. Bring a blanket or old tablecloth.

Head off with your kids to the park, the beach or even your own backyard. Watch the clouds, check out the birds, listen to the wind and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Take a trip on a bus, or the train.

Take your child on a ride on the subway or the ferry. Go on an outing to somewhere you have never checked out before. It can be a trip to the museum you have been meaning to visit, or a new ice cream shop that just opened. Try visiting the next town nearest you for the day. Travel and find something new you never had time to see before.

3. Bake a cake, or make cookies.

Plan a special meal to serve for dinner and then cook it together. Check out recipes and look through cookbooks together. Try a new way to make pizza, or a new recipe for macaroni and cheese. Let your child help cook and serve.

4. Get wet. Go swimming.

Take out the bathing suits and head for the beach for the day. Take out several big buckets and the hose. Set up the backyard for a fun day of getting wet. Bring out some measuring cups, old plastic containers, and some toys that can get wet and have a cooling off day with your kids.

5. Go on a nature hike.

Give each child a bag for collecting things they find. Make sure everyone wears a sunhat and lots of sun screen, along with comfortable shoes.

Head off to the nearest park or nearby forest. Look for interesting rocks, leaves, feathers to collect. Bring along some crayons and plain white paper and try some leaf rubbings. When you return, talk about all the things you found.

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