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Fostering Creativity in Children

Fostering Creativity in Children


 I recently created a “writing box” for my 5 year old

grand daughter. I took an old shoe box, and on the top wrote “My Writing Box.” In it I put old stationary, lots of stickers, envelopes, some fun pens, rubber stamps and stamp pads, old postcards and some old birthday greeting cards. When I gave it too her, she responded by saying ” Right you love me so much!” Now everytime she comes over, she heads straight upstairs and gets out her special box. She spends hours making up stories, writing letters, making cards for her siblings all using the items inside this writing box. From time to time I add new items to her box when I find a new colorful pen, fun stickers or some more old stationary. 

I do not think I realized when I put it together, just how much it would mean to her. I now know that you do not need to go to the toy store or the mall to make a wonderful, exciting and creative gift to give any child.

Giving the gift of creativity is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.

According to author Peter H. Reynolds, we need ” to make the world a more creative place. The next time you’re thinking about what gift to give someone, think of something that will encourage creativity. Whether it’s a blank journal or book on crafts, a set of watercolors or a guide to making films, a stationery set or a watercolor brush – let it be something that inspires expression. Children and grown up children need to be encouraged to consume less, and create more. “


Peter Hamilton Reynolds

 Reynolds is best know for his children’s books about “authentic learning.  creativity and self-expression, ” including  The North Star, Ish, The Dot.  He is an illustrator, author and founder of Fable Vision. Check out his website :

Here is a list of inexpensive, creative gifts to give a child anytime for any occasion to expand their creative spirit.

- paintbrushes

- water colors

- new box of crayons or markers

- package of stationary

- rubber stamps

- stickers

- shells

- rocks

- magnifying glass

- tape measure or ruler

- wrapping paper

- kaleidescope

- ribbons or bows, string

- pipe cleaners

What ways do you try to foster creativity with your children?

What items or gifts do you give your child to help them explore their creative imaginations?





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