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“Frequent, voluminous, self-selected reading…”

“Frequent, voluminous, self-selected reading…”

In the book, The Reading Zone: How to Help Kids Become Skilled, Passionate, Habitual, Critical Readers, by Nancie Atwell she calls for “frequent, voluminous, self-selected reading” as a way to significantly increase performance on standardized tests in addition to cultivating a love for reading.

Atwell further states that “A child sitting in a quiet room with a good book isn’t a flashy or more significantly marketable teaching method. It just happens to be the only way anyone ever grew up to become a reader. That is the goal – for every child to become a skilled, passionate, habitual, critical reader.” This idea really resonates with Two2Read and my philosophy of parents teaching reading.

How does a child learn to love reading? It is not from doing worksheets or studying for a spelling and vocabulary test. It comes from exposing a child to good books, and by reading to your child from the very youngest possible age.

Recently I cam across a “The Good Reader Poster” from Diane Dahl’s website : She has created a poster which gives her students ways to be good readers.

This philosophy is presented in Ellin Keene’s Book, Assessing Comprehension Thinking Strategies. The children are taught to use important skills like : visualize, think, infer, question and synthesize what they are reading.

Helping a child love reading involves using their senses to enjoy what they are reading. As the poster points out,

“Use -Your head to think,
Your eyes to infer and look for clues,
Your nose to sniff out important details,
Your mouth to ask questions
Your heart to visualize “

This poster can be purchased on her website for only $5 and is a great addition to every classroom or reading nook.

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