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Getting Ready For School

Getting Ready For School

Summer is in full swing but back to school sales remind us that soon it will be time to get ready to return to school.  Here are some suggestions to get your child prepared for the beginning of the new school year.

1. Check the school calendar and find out when school starts. Look to see if there is a parent orientation meeting or a “Meet your Teacher” event planned.

2. Look to see if there is a school list published of supplies required for each grade. Take your child with you to select his/her school supplies. By involving your child in the purchasing of school supplies, you include him/her in decision making and build his/her excitment about returning to school.

3. Go over the “Required Reading List” to make sure your child has done the necessary required reading for the summer. If your child has not accomplished this yet, now is the time to set aside to complete the reading list.

4. Set aside a time each day for reading or working on a school related activity. Make this a set routine and a set time each day. This will encourage your child to get back into a more regular routine and require them to sit and do some form of academics before school returns.

5. Start setting up a back to school night time routine where bedtime, bath time and story or reading time become set. Getting your child back into a regular routine will help make the transition to school easier.

6. Drive by the school for a visit. Teachers will be back early to prepare their classrooms. See if the school will allow a “quick” visit to ease your child back into a familiar place and a familiar face of his/her new teacher.

7. Check out books from the library about returning to school. There are lots of books about this topic. Ask your librarian or visit your local book store and ask for help to find books about school.

8. Check to see if the school requires a “Back to School” physical from your Doctor. See if all your child’s immunizations are up to date.

9. Now is a good time for a visit to your child’s Dentist for a check up while school is  still not in session and you have more time to make these appointments.

10. Check with your school for important information about school dress codes. More schools today are requiring uniforms. Get your shopping done early in case your school required uniforms with imprinted school logos on them. These can take time to order.

11. Enjoy the end of summer vacation. Take time to go to the beach and enjoy a summer picnic. Have a family cook out in your backyard. Plan a last days of summer outing to a local pool, movie theatre, park or fair. Celebrate the end of summer by giving your child fun filled memories to last until next summer!

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