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Golden Records Giveaway

Golden Records Giveaway

Golden Records Giveaway

I have many bookshelves lining my living room filled with Little Golden Books.

I have been a collector of Little Golden Books for years. My favorites are the oldest golden books which came out in the 1940′s. When company arrives, they are immediately drawn to my Little Golden Books collection. Each visitor pulls out a book or two and remembers which Little Golden Book was their favorite.I always hear them mention The Poky Little Puppy, Saggy Baggy Elephant, The Taxi That Hurried or another favorite. My own grandchildren come over every week, take a pile of ten to 15 Little Golden Books into a comfortable chair, and begin to read or just look at the pictures.

When my own children were young, at bedtime I would place a record player outside their bedrooms and play a record of children’s stories for them to listen to at night to help them fall asleep. They still remember the stories on those records, even though they are grown with children of their own.

This week a new and exciting item is being released combining all of my favorite childhood memories.

Golden Records, is about to release a new series called

Celebrity Series: The Magic Continues Volume 1.

It is packed with “20 classic songs and stories that combine the beautifully orchestrated original recordings, digitally restored with the talent of today’s biggest and brightest stars. Ed Asner, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Busy Philipps, Cheryl Hines, Didi Conn, Constance Marie, and many more bring to life classics such as Rupunzel, Puss in Boots, and Cinderella.”

Some of the other stories that are included on the album are:

The Story of Goldilocks

The Princess and the Pea

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Little Red Riding Hood

Check it out on these sites:


Official Golden Records Website



Music Trailer:


Amazon Purchase Link:

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For this special GIVEAWAY, I will be offering this new series

Celebrity Series: The Magic Continues Volume 1 to a lucky winner who:
1. Follows my blog ( 5 points)
2. Tweets about this GiveAway (1 point)
3. Pins this Giveaway on Pinterest (1 point)

4. Post on Facebook (1 point)

5. For the giveaway you must tag @GoldenRecords in your

tweets, Golden Records on pinterest and share/tag on the Golden

FB wall.(10 points)

Deadline is : Monday , September 17, 2012 .

Please make sure you send me your name and email address along with what you have done in the comments below.


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