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Helping Struggling Readers

Helping Struggling Readers

Is your child struggling in school?

Is s/he having difficulty with his/her homework and classroom assignments?

Is your child having a hard time working independently?

Here are 5 ways to help your child with his/her school work:

1. Pre-read to your child each night the assignment for the next day.

2. Check your child’s workbooks for familiar words which repeat often.

Highlight these words in colors to help him/her identify them easily.

Ex. Every time you find the word ” WRITE ” highlight it in yellow.

3. Take index cards and on each one write familiar words which appear often in your child’s books. Ex. Write, add, subtract, answer, etc.

Review and play games with your child so he/she can read these words easily.

4. Read with your child every night. You read 2 lines, s/he reads 2 lines. Don’t make it stressful, just have fun reading together. If you child gets stuck on a word, help him/her to read the word. Your goal is to make reading pleasurable.

5. Go through your child’s backpack every night. Help organize their backpack so reading materials are all together, math in separate folders, etc.

Make one folder or compartment just for homework assignments.

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