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Home Literacy Environment

Home Literacy Environment


You are your child’s first teacher. Your home is where your child will get his or her first experiences with books and reading. Look around your home and think about what you do with your child.

The home literacy environment is a measurement of the exposure children have in their homes to those activities that help in developing literacy. The home literacy is based on each of the following :

whether the child is

(1) read to

(2) sang to

(3) told stories to

(4) has the average number of books or more in the house and/or

(5) has the average number of children’s records/audiotapes/CDS or more in the house.

The higher the home literacy environment score, the better the family is prepared to encourage literacy among the children.

Does your home promote an environment for Literacy?

Does your child have:

alphabet letters

crayons and markers

paper for writing

rhyming books

picture books

alphabet books

Do you with your child:

Read to your child daily? Once a week/

Take your child to the bookstore or library once a month/ weekly?

Sing songs with your child?

Teach your child new words daily?

Help your child write his/her name?

Do you, for yourself:

Read books, magazines or newspapers

Read books with my child

Read cookbooks

What other ways do you make your home an strong environment for Literacy?

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