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How can we provide the proper reading environment for children in our homes?

How can we provide the proper reading environment for children in our homes?

Donalyn Miller author of The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child writes that : “A trial of worksheets from a teacher to their students does not build a connection with readers, only books do.”

According to Donalyn Miller, in order to increase a child’s love for reading, we must provide the following:

1. Access to books – Children need to have the ability to select from a large range of reading materials at their reading level.

2. Time to read – Children need to have a daily and consistent time to read

3. Reading engagement – Children need a place that provides the conditions to engage them in reading

4. School-wide support – Schools must be a place which values reading in all subject areas.

5. Well stocked libraries with qualified librarians – Children should have access to libraries which provide interesting reading materials and librarians who are knowledgeable and helpful.

6. Student’s choice – Children need opportunities to select their own reading materials for their own reading pleasure as well as for school subject matters.

In what ways can we, as parents, find the proper resources to support reading in our homes?

I think that parents must look for ways to provide their children with the following 4 things:
Access to a variety of books
A consistent time and quiet place to read
Trips to local libraries or book stores
Opportunities to select books that interest them.

What do you think?

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