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How to Be a Super Parent

How to Be a Super Parent

Super Parents

Kids need to know you love them and care about them more than anything else.

You can be a SUPER PARENT without giving up your time to read, blog, write, design or anything else you love to do as an artistic person.

You can be the best SUPER PARENT in the world without being there for your child full time. Here are some suggestions to help find time for special moments with your child.


Ten Ways to be a Super Parent:
1. Have at least one meal a day together. Talk with your child, ask questions, share funny stories and just enjoy each other’s company. (No T.V.)
2. Read at least one book together each day. Can be at bedtime, early morning wake up, over breakfast, during a bath. Whatever works for you.
3. Say I Love You! At least 3 times a day. Remember a hug goes along way to making your child feel loved and cherished.
4. Tell your child you are proud of him/her each day. Be specific. Examples:

I love the way you helped me set the table.

You did a great job today with the way you made your bed.

I loved how you helped your sister put on her coat.

5. Celebrate.

Find a reason to just enjoy the day. Take a walk together. Find a new park. Look at a rainbow. Share a favorite movie together.

6. Do something together that you both love.

Bake cookies. Watch baseball. Rent a DVD. Listen to your favorite song ( and sing together.)

7. Write together.

Make up grocery lists. Write a story together. Keep a journal. Let your child write too. It doesn’t matter what they write, or how it is spelled, just the act of writing together is important.

8. Draw together.

Take crayons or markers with you. Draw a rainbow. Draw your favorite flowers. Keep a scrapbook of your child’s artwork.

9. Take photographs.

Keep photo albums. Label your photos. Talk about them. Look a old photographs together. Tell the story behind each picture.

10. Make Memories together.

Go to the beach, take a nature hike, or just bake a cake together. All these moments shared are important memories to store for the future. provides you will 52 weeks of educational, fun activities that are simple, low cost, don’t require travel or shopping for supplies and best of all only require 20 minutes of your time.

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