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How To Find a Good Early Childhood Program

How To Find a Good Early Childhood Program

Looking for the Perfect Early Childhood Program

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le=”font-family: Arial; font-size: large;”> According to NAEYC ( the National Association for the Education of Young Children) there are 10 things to look for when checking out an Early Childhood program for your child.

1. Children are not expected to sit quietly but instead are playing and working with other children and with good quality materials.

2. Children can choose from many different activities during the day.There should be areas set up for:

Art activites, painting, clay, crayons

Building blocks and other toys for building

Place for pretend play, dress up, doll corner

Puzzles, matching games, peg boards and other table activities

Book corner with many different kinds of books available for children to touch

3. Teachers working with small groups of children, or with an individual child. Teachers spend small amounts of time with the whole group.

4. Children learn letters and numbers as a part of their play experiences. They have chances to learn about nature, cooking, animals etc. Snack time is seen as a time for learning.

5. The classroom is decorated with examples of the children’s art and other samples of the children’s writings or stories they have illustrated.

6. Worksheets are not used (hardly ever.)

7. Children play outside every day, weather permitting. There are large spaces to play indoors for bad weather days.

8. Teachers read to the children in small groups or to an individual child. Reading a story to the whole group is not the only reading time.

9. Teachers know how to adapt their materials to meet the needs of all children. They understand children all learn in different ways and at different paces.

10. Children are happy to come to school. Parents feel good about sending their child to this program.

What other ways can you tell if your child is in a good early childhood program?


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