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How to Get Your Child to Love Reading

How to Get Your Child to Love Reading

“When it comes to your child’s education, if you don’t perform the hat dance, if you don’t step outside your assigned role to do something extra exciting, don’t expect that others necessarily will.”  – Esme Raju Codell

My trip to the bookstore today, with my 8 year old grandson and his brother who is 6 was not at all what I expected. We went to buy their Mom a book and a card for her birthday. I told the boys they could also pick out one book each for themselves. My 6 year old grandson, who struggles to read, picked out a book with great illustrations on making animals from origami. My 8 year old grandson, who can read anything, could not find any book to meet his expectations. Suddenly, the bookstore owner overheard him ask me for something about Greek Mythology. To my delight, she found him 3 books on the subject. He was deeply engrossed in checking out all three, and ended up picking out one for today, and the other two I bought him to put away for a future special treat. (I also bought 2 more books on orgami for the 6 year old, also for that future rainy day.)

What does all this mean?

Each child is unique.  You have to perform the “hat dance” that Esme Raju Codell talks about. You have to find the books your child will love to read. I had no idea what would spark the boys interest. Any book I found and showed them which I thought was interesting, was quickly declined by both boys.  Looking for the books which helped them find information that they were interested in was the key.

“When you wear the teacher hat, you find books and authors that your child will love to read and you help your child find information through books. You expose your child to print, help your child learn to read, decode, comprehend, predict, question.” – Esme Raji Codell

Being the parent, or grandparent, you have to be open to find books that might be out of our own personal comfort zone. When you expose your child to a book that exicites them, that sparks their interest, then you will “help you child learn to read, decode, comprehend, predict, question.”

By the way, the books we ended up purchasing were:

1. Mythology (Ologies) by Lady Hestia Evans

2.  Mythical Creatures by James Harpur

3.  Orgami Zoo by Robert J. Lang

4.  Orgami in Action by Robert J. Lang

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  1. Lauralee says:

    You are so right! My son loves cars. He wanted a “coffee table” book about collector cars. I finally agreed to buy it for him and I am so glad I did. He loves the pictures and asks me to read to him all the specifics of each car. I never would have bought him that book, but it is one of his favorites.

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