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How To Get Your Child to Read More Books

How To Get Your Child to Read More Books

How to Help Your Child

Get Interested in Reading


1. Find a favorite author s/he enjoys, and then ask the librarian to help your child find more books by that author.

2. Find a topic your child is interested in: princess stories, fairy tales, dragon tales, pirates, baseball, jokes. Then ask the librarian to help you find books on that theme.

3. Encourage your child to check out Non-Fiction books. Find a topic that might interest your child like: insects, dinosaurs, sports, ballet, etc. Let the librarian guide you to non-fiction books on that topic.

4. Find picture books by an artist you think your child might like. Try finding other books from the same artist or with other interesting illustrations inside. Encourage your child to look for picture books with lots of illustrations that are colorful and interesting.

5. Let your child look for books that are a particular size. Try finding books that are very small and see how many you can find. Try finding books that are really large and tall.

6. Check out books from a series. Start with book #1 in a series. Get your child hooked and then keep finding more books from that series. (Like Magic Tree House, or Encyclopedia Brown.)

7. Find activity books for your child to try. There are activity books like Brain Quest, books with word puzzles, books with mazes, workbooks for science, math, reading on different grade levels, etc.

8. Find books about a topic your child may be experiencing now or soon such as: the first day of school, summer camp, swim team, the Olympics, going to the beach, etc.

Read the books together with your child so you can discuss the book and your child’s own experiences.

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