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How to Get Your Children Ready for the Holidays

How to Get Your Children Ready for the Holidays

How to Get Your Children Ready for the Holidays:

As Thanksgiving is over, the days until the Christmas and Chanukah holidays begin to go very fast. Your children are excited and anxiously awaiting school vacation, holiday presents, and time with family and friends.

Here are ways to help include your child in the holiday preparations while instilling in them the spirit and meaning of the holiday season.

1. Books:

You can never read enough books with your child about the holidays. There are countless classics to share as well as many, many new additions being written each year. Get out the old classics and begin sharing them at bedtime with your child today. Go to the library and check out a bunch of new books for the holidays that you have yet to share together.

2. Gift Giving:

Include your child in making lists of gifts to give and to whom. Let your child suggest family or friends and what they think would make a good gift. Think together of ideas for gifts which you can buy or make together. Create a list of gifts for each special person on their list.

3. Arts and Crafts:

 Holidays are the perfect time to make crafts together to decorate the house and your holiday table. Giving gifts that are handmade are another way to make someone know how much they mean to you. Allow your child to gather art supplies and make holiday decorations. Think of other ways your child can be involved such as making holiday cards or holiday wrapping paper.

4. Giving to Others:

The holiday season is the time to teach your child how to share with others in the community. Find ways to include your child in charity soup kitchens, or gifts for children in hospitals, etc. Food drives are another way you can get your child involved in the act of giving to others.

5. Cooking and Baking:

One of the best places to celebrate a holiday is in the kitchen. Cooking and baking traditional family food brings helps create many happy holiday moments together. Let your child help bake holiday cookies or help with a favorite family dish. Include your child in preparing holiday menus and setting the table for guests.

6. Songs and Music:

One of the best ways to increase holiday spirit is through music. Find all your old holiday CD’s and play them together to help everyone get ready for the holidays. Sing together as you are working in the kitchen, or driving in the car. Listen to holiday classics as you drive to work or school.

7. Invite Guests:

Another way to teach your child to give to others is by inviting guests to your home at holiday time. It can be family members, neighbors, or friends who may be alone for the holidays. Teach your child the importance of welcoming guests into your home and sharing with others at this special time. Include your child in preparing the guest room, or setting the extra place at your holiday table.

What other ways does your family get ready for the holidays?

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