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Improving Your Child’s Memory Skills

Improving Your Child’s Memory Skills

There are many ways you can help build your child’s memory at home. Ask him or her what part they liked the best about the story you just read , or what items you bought at the grocery store together.

A child’s memory is important in building recognition for people and events, and for problem solving in school and at home.  Without proper memory skills, your child can suffer in school, in play activities and at home.

Here are some games you can play with your child to help improve their memory skills.

1.  Play the game : ” I am going on a trip and I am going to take my ____.” Each player must say what they are going to take and repeat what the last players  are also taking. Example: ” I am going on a trip and I am going to take my toothbrush, my camera and my pajamas.”  See how many items your child can remember.

2.  Place 5 items on the kitchen table. Name each item with your child. Now cover them with a kitchen towel and ask you child to repeat what items were on the table. You can keep adding more items for him/her to remember. Then take one item away and ask your child which item was removed.

3. Take out a deck of cards. Place 6 cards out on the table in a specific order. Now turn the cards over and have your child place them back into the same order as you had done.  Keep adding cards and seeing how many your child can remember in the proper sequence.

4.  Give directions Game. Ask your child to do 3 things in a specific order. Example: ” Stand up. Walk to the door. Ring the bell.”  Have him/her do the 3 events in order. Now have your child give directions to you. Keep expanding the number of directions they are to do in a specific order.

5.  Memory or Concentration Games. There are alot of these available at toy stores but you can make your own. Get 12 index cards and write words on each of 6 cards. Take the next 6 cards and write the identical words on them. Turn them over and ask your child to find the pairs of words. ( You can make pictures instead of words. You can keep adding pairs until you get to 20 cards or more.)

6. There are lots of computer games which help improve memory skills. Here are some I like:


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