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Making Memories

Making Memories


Bev Bos has been the Director and Teacher at the Roseville Community Preschool in Roseville, CA for over 40 years now.  She has developed a reputation as a play advocate and as having a knack for developing creative art activities for young children.   She has written  four books for teachers and parents: Don’t Move the Muffin Tins – a hands off guide to art for young children, Before the Basics, Together We’re Better, and Tumbling Over the Edge – a rant for children’s play.

Since the mid-70’s, Bev Bos has presented over 6,000 workshops and keynotes on topics relevant to the field of early childhood education. 

In addition she has produced two DVDs for parents and teachers titled, Starting At Square One and Come On And Sing, and recorded ten CDs of music and storytelling with Michael Leeman and Tom Hunter – published by Turn the Page Press, Inc.  She has five grown children, fourteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Bev Bos often gives workshops on the importance of traditions and examines the sustaining value of childhood memories. Bev’s focus is the role teachers play in establishing environments where children have the opportunity to create memories that will sustain them for the rest of their lives. She discusses how to “hang on” to traditions and how to recognize the roadblocks to establishing and maintaining traditions. Through music, storytelling, and stories, Bev Bos asks her audience to examine and share significant memories and traditions from their childhood and families.

Once I had the opportunity at an early childhood conference, to hear Bev Bos speak about the importance of creating traditions and memories with our children. Bev was really wonderful, and I don’t think anyone left without being moved by their own memories and energized to begin to do the things she’d talked about. For me her discussion about memories really touched home.

Most holidays, like Christmas, are especially fun and full of music, stories and lots of great books to read together and share.

It is times like these that music, storytelling and reading books can be a large part of memory-making.

Bev Bos points out to us that through passing down family traditions we let our kids get to know us and learn about the memories we have as we grew up. Sharing family songs and stories help teach our children about the things we enjoy doing, our family’s particular way of doing things, and how we can take pride in a job done well. When we are doing something like cooking, shopping, decorating our homes, singing songs or making something special, our children love being included. This feeling of companionship and family closeness as we work together, helps build and create memories for our children that one day we hope they will share with families of their own.

Bev Bos’s song Memories contains these words:

“May the memories wrap their arms around you,
May your childhood take you by the hand,
And may what you remember find healing when it hurts
So the memories will protect you when they can.”
Wishing all of you many Happy Holiday moments with lots of wonderful memories to share with those you love.

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