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Making Quiet Times For Reading




A recent report in the UK, found that children are less able to sit still due to the fact that children are using iPads, mobile phones and computer games to fill their time.


Parents are not limiting the time their children spend in front of the computer to make room for quiet times to read.


Alison David, Egmont’s consumer insight director, praised the Evening Standard’s Get London Reading Campaign and said: “Screens have found a way into every part of life. We have to say ‘enough is enough’. It is almost like those quiet moments where you are at a loss and think ‘what shall I do?’ don’t exist any more. Reading needs these quiet times to take root and for children to gain the habit. I see so many children missing out on the joy of a good story and find it really sad.”


In this study, it was found that many children take their phones to bed at night and play computer games or text their friends rather than reading a book.


Children are often kept busy playing a computer game or turning on a game on their mobile phone rather than taking a book to read.


It is important that parents today make time for “Quiet Reading Time” for their children.

Make sure you find ways to set aside time in your child’s day for reading books:


It can be time spent waiting for dinner


Before bedtime


After homework is done


On weekends


In bed, before “lights out”


Make sure to provide your child with plenty of book choices that interest them so that they will be “tempted” to read books.


Offer chapter books that can keep your child wanting to read to find out what happens next.


Make time for “reading aloud” books together.


Most Importantly : Limit time spent on computers, iPads and mobile phones!





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