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My Two2Read Philosophy

Raising A Reader is dedicated to helping parents teach their pre-school through 2nd grade children a love of reading.

(I hope you will look at the program I created,, in which I offer 52 weeks of innovative educational creative and fun ways to encourage your child to read.)

My philosophy is different from all other approaches for parents to help teach their children to read:

  1. No worksheets.
  2. Hands-on fun activities that are multi-sensory based.
  3. Three-pronged integrated approach to help teach your child to read.

I base my philosophy on the following FIVE PILLARS:

1. There are three prominent teaching methodologies:

  • Phonics (associating letters or letter groups with the sound they represent);
  • Language Experience (reading words as whole units);
  • Phonemic Awareness (hearing, identifying and manipulating the smallest units of sound that make up spoken words).

(These are explained in more detail in the Two2Read member website.)

It’s clear from research that using one of these methods will help many, but not all children. In fact, using two out of three methods will still leave numerous children struggling to read. However, when phonics, language experience and phonemic awareness are merged, literacy rates increase significantly. You will see all three methods reflected in Two2Read. That is a major element of our innovation.

Writing and reading are interconnected. Two2Read integrates writing skills along with helping your child learn to read. It is proven that writing increases your child’s ability to read and spell successfully, and that is a major key to success in the rest of their lives.

Experts agree that a child’s success in learning to read is directly related to their feelings about reading. Fostering a positive attitude is critical, and positive reinforcement from parents can make all the difference. Children need to know that adults in their lives care about reading. That is why Two2Read places such an emphasis on enjoying the process with FUN ACTIVITIES.

It is important for parents to help teach their children to read because:

  • Most educators agree that up to 80% of your child’s ability to learn is reached before the age of six. (You read right!) Six years old!
  • Your child needs to increase their vocabulary – words and more words.
  • My philosophy is not just about teaching a subject (reading). It’s about teaching a child – helping them to grow intellectually.
  • I believe that Two2Read’s FUN ACTIVITIES will not only help your child learn to read, but will also help you establish a closer bond with him/her. One on one you can make  difference. This program may be the among the most important things you ever do with and for your child, establishing both a lifetime love of reading and a closer bond with you and your child forged by the achievement of success.

Think about your best memories growing up. Remember the smell of fresh baked brownies, or the feel of your favorite blanket? Children learn best through using all their senses: tasting, touching, smelling, feeling and hearing. I believe in  incorporating all the senses in a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Having said all of that, my creed for the past 37 wonderful years has been:

“Enthusiasm is contagious; but so is the lack of it.”