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Olympic Learning Opportunities

Olympic Learning Opportunities

The 2012 Olympics Games

and Learning 





Here are several different ways to use the Olympics for Learning:

1. Make a list of the countries that will be participating. Put them in alphabetical order.

2. Take a map of the world and find each country on the map.

3. Make a list of all the sports that will be participating in the Olympics.

4. Go to the library and check out books about some of the athletes who have won gold medals in past years.

5. Look up information on ancient Greeks and how the Olympics began.

6. Set up a chart with three columns: one column for gold, one for silver and one for bronze. Mark off each day what medals were won by your country.

7. Find photos of flags from different countries. Match the flag to the name of each country in the Olympics.

8. Identify the 7 continents in the world. Which countries come from which continents?

9. Find some facts about London. What are the famous sites there? Who is the Queen and where does she live?

10. Here are some books about the Olympics for kids:

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #10 Ancient Greece and the Olympics: A Non-fiction companion to Magic Tree House #16: Hour of the Olympics by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce ( 2004)

G is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet
(Sleeping Bear Press Sports& Hobbies) by Brad Herzog and Doug Bowles (2011)
The 2012 London Olympics by Nick Hunter (2011)
The London 2012 Game Fact File by Gavin Newsham (2012)
Pop Up London by Jennie Maizels ( 2012)
 The Story of the Olympics (Usborne Young Reading: Series Two) by Minna Lacey and Paddy Mounter (2008)

Here are some great websites to help find more information:

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