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Read Alouds And Thinking Skills

Read Alouds And Thinking Skills

Reading A Picture Book Aloud

Introducing New Vocabulary and Thinking Skills

Reading a picture book can be a fun activity for you and your child.  While reading to your child, you can use critical thinking skills to help your child gain understanding and increase his/her ability to analyze and problem solve.

These are some thinking skills  that you can use while reading aould. They are : analyzing, reasoning, decision making, problem solving and evaluating.
You can read and re-read the book, each time bringing a new focus to the story.
1. Before you begin, check out the book and find 5 new vocabulary words you want to introduce to your child. When reading the story, point out the pictures that help define the new words.
2. After you finish reading, ask your child “WHY?” questions that will require him or her to think about what happened in the story. Let your child use the pictures in the book to help explain his/her answer.

Questions like: “Why did that happen?” help your child to analyze the story and use his/her own reasoning to come up with answers.

3. The next time you read the same book, go back over the new words you introduced the first time. You can add some new vocabulary words that are not in the story.

For example if the story is about farm animals, introduce other farm animals that may not be mentioned in this book or talk about different items on the farm that are illustrated but not mentioned by name.

4. Ask your child what will happen next, or which character they liked the best.

This encourages your child to use decision making and to evaluate the story.

Ask questions like “What would you do?” helps your child to problem solve  his/her own understanding of the book.

5. When you finish the book, ask your child to tell you the story in his/her own words. This is a good way for you to see your child’s understanding of the story.

What are your favorite books to read aloud with your child?

What ideas do you have to make reading aloud more fun?


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