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Shoe Box Summer

Shoe Box Summer

 Shoe Box Summer

Make a shoe box for each week in the summer.

Fill each box with different interesting ideas for projects.


1.    A Writing Box - fill with postcards, stationary, stickers, pens, etc.


2.    A Nature Box - magnifying glass, small zip lock bags for collecting things, rocks, shells, etc. Crayons and paper for rubbings on bark, leaves, etc.


3.    Bubble Box - all kinds of items to blow bubbles with : pipe cleaners, straws, etc.  plus small bottle of bubbles for blowing.


4.    Cars and Truck Sand Box - collection of small cars and trucks ready to play in a box filled with sand. Make tunnels, roads, bridges, etc.


5.    Tell a Story Box - fill a box with small props for telling a story. Gather random items like small dolls, a toy car, small plastic animals, a branch or leaves, etc.


6.    Arts and Craft Box - fill with paints, brushes, glue stick, papers, scissors, crayons, markers, etc.


7.    Travel Box - going on a trip box? Fill with stickers, bingo cards, I spy game, tic tac toe cards, etc.


8.    Box of Magnets: Find some magnets and then put things in the box that May or May Not be attracted to the magnets. Ex. Erasers, clothes pins, paper clips, screws and bolts, toy car, etc.


9.    Sink or Float Box: In the shoe box put a small plastic bowl. In addtion, put things in the box that may sink or float. Try items like keys, sponge, a small ball, toy car, paper, etc.

Can you add some more ideas for shoe box activities?

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