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Sight Words

Sight Words

Sight Words

A sight word is a word whose spelling is not straightforward and does not allow a beginning reader to determine what word it represents just by sounding it out according to the rules. Beginning readers recognize sight words from having memorized them or by drawing their meaning from the context in the text.
Reading researcher Diane McGuinness estimates that there are approximately 100 common words in English which fit this description. The Dolch word list has 220 sight words.

Sight Words are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. Even though they number only 220, Sight Words make up around 50 to 70 percent of any given textbook. Teaching Sight Words as early as possible is considered an important part of learning to read.

Here are some websites for Dolch Sight Word Lists:

Ways to Help Your Child Learn Sight Words:

1. Break them into groups having one letter, 2 letters, 3 letters and then 4 letters and finally 5 letters or more. (Example : Two letters : at, be, do, he, in, it
Three letters : get, did, all, new, not)

2. Group them into words that have similar spellings and sounds: (example – so, go ,no)

3. Pick out 10 sight words and write one on each index card.. Move the cards around to make up simple sentences your child can read. ( example – I run down. We jump up.)

4. Match sight words that are opposites.( Example – black / white, he/she, little/big )

5. Color code the sight words that end the same way, or begin the same way.
(Example – that, there, they, this or
see, three, tree)

6. Pick 10 sight words. Write each one on an index card. Have your child practice these words until s/he knows them well.
(Example – They jump up and went down.)
Then add 10 more sight words on 10 more cards. Keep making sentences with the words and practicing until s/he knows all 20.

7. Group the sight words into categories.
Example – (colors) black, brown, white, red, blue
Example – (numbers) one, two, three, four, five
Example – (verbs) run, play, help, jump

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