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Starting the New School Year Off Right

Starting the New School Year Off Right

The new school year has begun. You have bought all the school supplies, new uniforms, new shoes, etc. Now you send your child off to school and hope for the best.

Here are some ways you can make sure your child is off to a good start.  Make sure you give your child the best possible foundation to make this school year the best one yet.

1. Start routines early.

Make sure breakfast is on time each day.

Have your child put out his/her school clothes the night before.

Pack lunches the night before.

Establish a set routine at bedtime.

2. Make a secure, quiet and set place for homework.

Make sure homework is done at the same time each day.

Keep a supply of necessary homework materials such as pencils, erasers, etc.

3. Establish contact with your child’s teacher. Let him/her know you are available through emails, phone calls, notes, etc.

4. Monitor your child’s back pack. At least once a week have him/her clean out the backpack.  Take out last week’s finished work and store in a safe place51634312982863331 to make room for the new week’s assignments.

5. Color code your child’s notebooks. Keep red for reading, blue for math, yellow for science, etc. Have your child learn to put his/her work away in the proper colored notebook each day.

6.  Ask your child about his/her day. At dinner time, ask each child to tell the family about one thing they learned that day. 

7.  Even if there is no homework, establish a set time for reading each night. Let your child pick out his/her favorite book to read, or have a read-a-loud time where you read a chapter book to your child.

8. Be your child’s advocate. IF you sense something is not right, don’t wait until there is a crisis. Set up a meeting with the teacher to discuss your child’s possible problem before it gets too big to solve easily. Sometimes a little conversation early in the year helps your child’s teacher better understand your child’s needs and learning style.

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