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Summer Activities A – Z

Summer Activities A – Z


Summer Activities A – Z

A – Art activities: provide lots of opportunities for art activities: have on hand lots of paper, crayons, markers, scissors, paint and paint brushes, play dough, etc.

B – Books: Spend time reading, go to the library, read aloud to your kids.

C – Cartoons: read cartoons, read comic books, make your own cartoons.

D – Dinosaurs: read about dinosaurs, check out library books on dinosaurs, make a dinosaur collage.

E – Eat: plan a meal and make it together with your kids. Prepare a snack and take it outside to eat in the garden, read recipes and bake a cake.

F – Fun: summer is time for fun, leave the stress behind and just enjoy your time together.

G – Gardening: Plant a garden, grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. Plant flowers.

H – Hide and Seek: Play hide and seek in the backyard, or in your living room.

I – insects: Study insects, collect them in a jar, check them under a magnifying glass, read stories about insects.

J – Jump Rope: take turns to see who can jump faster, longer, backwards.

K – Kitchen Cooking: make cupcakes, decorate a cake, make sandwiches together.

L – Listen to a book on tape: Check out books on tape at the library, or record a book on tape and let your child listen to it later that day.

M – Movie: Rent a movie and plan a special movie night, or sleep over with friends.

N – Newspaper: create a family newspaper, write a page of news for today include weather, sports, special events, interview a family member.

O – Opera and music: read and listen to Peter and the Wolf.

P – Popcorn: pop popcorn, have a overnight camp out in the backyard.

Q – Questions and answers: Find some non-fiction books that ask questions and give short answers. Create a game night, make up your own questions and answers.

R – Read a chapter book to your kids: Pick a chapter book and read aloud a chapter every night.

S – Story time at the library: Find out when and where there is a story time being offered in your neighborhood. Go!

T – Tell a story: Tell stories to your kids about when you were growing up, about family traditions, or just make up stories and give each person a turn to add the next sentence.

U – Umbrellas in the rain: take walks outside in the summer rain. Bring umbrellas.

V – Violin & viola -listen to classical music together while doing the dishes or making beds or taking baths.

W – Write: Always have pencils and paper ready. Make lists with your children. Have them write postcards to friends. Have them make a list of things to get at the store. Keep them writing.

X – Words with X: How many words can you find together that contain the letter X?  Make a list.

Y – Yard sales: Have a yard sale and let your kids help. Take them to a yard sale and give them $1.00 to pick out something they like.

Z – Zoo: Go for a trip to the zoo. Read stories about a zoo. Write about your favorite animals at the zoo.

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