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Summer Fun For Less Than $10.00

Summer Fun For Less Than $10.00
Five Fun Summer Activities

1. Bubbles : buy or make your own water and soap solution. Take the kids outside and let them blow bubbles. Use straws, pipe cleaners and make your own blowers
2. Go to the Public Library. Check out books. Find out when there are special activities for kids, story hours, puppet shows, etc.
3. Buy a gallon of ice cream and ice cream cones. Let your kids decorate their own ice cream cones with sprinkles and candy. Have everyone eat their creations outside and enjoy.
4. Have a water & paint day. Give each child a bucket full of water and a really large paint brush. Let them paint the walls outside, the car, the garden fence.
5. Rent a kid’s classic movie. Make a big bowl of popcorn. Close the drapes and make the room dark, like a real movie theater. Let everyone sit on the floor with pillows and enjoy the movie.
More Ideas to Come on the Next Blog!


 for $10.00 or Less

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