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Summer Reading Project: Sand Pail Reading

Summer Reading Project: Sand Pail Reading


Materials Needed:
1 sand pail or bucket
10 index cards
crayons or markers
old magazines
blank sheets of paper

Every day (or week) take out a sand pail.
On the outside of the pail, tape an index card with a letter written on it.
Example : S,s

Together with your child fill the sand pail with objects or pictures of objects that begin with that letter.

Examples: shell, soap, sand, shovel, sunglasses, ship, sail, sunflower

You can also add a book to your pail that contains words that begin with the letter on the pail like:
My Pet Sid the Stegosaurus by Salina Yoon.

For each item, write the word on an index card and place the card inside the pail too.
Ask your child to place all the objects in a row and match the word cards to the objects.
Ask your child to read each word card to you.
Take out some extra blank white paper and some crayons.
Ask your child to draw a picture using the objects in the sand pail.
Help your child to label the picture using the word cards you made.

Each day or week, pick a different letter to tape on the pail and continue this activity.
B,b : ball, boat, button, beads, boy, bell

You can include in your pail a book that begins with the letter on the pail.
Bound to Be Bad by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall.

For an older child : Ask your child to write a story (or poem ) using all the objects in the pail. offers 52 weeks of literacy based reading activities on 6 different reading levels.

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