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Summer Stamping Fun

Summer Stamping Fun

Summer Stamping Fun


Materials Needed:

Lots of different kinds and sizes of paper in white and/or different colors

Washable paints such as Crayola

Sponges of different sizes and textures

Paint brushes

Old buttons, shells, string, leaves, etc.


Rubber stamps of various designs and/or alphabet stamps

Stickers all kinds, sizes or shapes



Give your child a large work area such as your kitchen table.

Start by covering a sponge with a thin layer of paint.

Place a rubber stamp on the painted sponge and demonstrate how you can stamp on to the paper.

Allow your child to try doing this with a stamp of his/her choice.

Now expand the activity by using a Q-tip dipped into the paint to draw a shape, a design or to write a name.

Now let your child try his/her own design using Q-tips.

Next cut out a shape using a thin sponge. It can be a square, circle, rectangle or heart shape.

Dip the sponge on to the painted sponge and then on to the paper to make a design.

Have your child repeat this activity using his/her own creativity.

Continue to provide your child with various objects he/she can dip onto the painted sponge and then use to print on to the paper.

Take several sponges and on each one place a thin layer of paint in different colors.

Use objects such as : buttons, shells, leaves, string, lace, an old tooth brush, etc.

Allow your child to experiment with all these objects to create his/her own designs.

Encourage him/her to add words to his/her stamp designs.

If you have alphabet stamps or stickers, use them to label your child’s designs.

Encourage your child to label his/her own designs.

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