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Summertime Collecting With Kids

Summertime Collecting With Kids

Summer Collecting with Kids

Summer is a great time to start a collection with your child. Here are some ways to help them on their collec

tion journey.

1. Find a proper box that will make their collection fun and easily accessible. One great possibility is a clear plastic jewelry box which can be found in most cosmetic supply stores. It is clear, has several compartments and is easy to open and close.

Other possible ways to collect:

Small zip lock snack size bags

Empty shoe boxes

Empty egg cartons

2. Give your child an amount s/he can spend and then take them to a garage sale, or flea market. Let them search for items they love. Giving them an amount ahead of time will help them budget their money and seek items they really treasure.

3. Find collections that your child can see that others have collected. Go to a museum and look at rock collections, or fossils, or displays of butterflies. Ask friends to share their collections with your child so they can learn how others got involved in collecting.

4. Help find a place and way for your child to display his/her collection. Set up a space in their room, away from siblings where they can set up their collection. Clean off a shelf, or set aside a drawer specially suited to your child’s display.

5. Find out if there are other collectors of the item your child has chosen. Maybe there are organizations of collectors of similar items. Use the internet together to find similar collections.

6. Go to your local library and/or bookstore and find books about the item your child has chosen to collect. Help your child learn more about his/her collection by reading books together on that topic.

7. Here are some suggestions of free or inexpensive items to collect with kids:






cereal boxes (front covers)


menus from restaurants


For other fun summertime activities check out


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