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Teaching Reading in the Kitchen

Teaching Reading in the Kitchen

Teaching Reading in the



Fun ways to teach your child to read in your Kitchen.

1. Give your child a strip of paper with the alphabet written on it.

Hang it with tape on a low kitchen cabinet. Now ask your child to put all your spices in alphabetical order.

2. Make a grocery list up with your child.

Give your child a piece of paper and have him/her make a list of things to buy at the grocery store. Your child can look at items already in your cabinets and copy words on labels, or make up his/her own list.

3. Open a cookbook with your child

 Decide on a recipe you will make together. Read the recipe with your child. Now ask your child what ingredients you will need. Have your child look at the recipe and tell you how many eggs, etc.

4. Open up your cabinet where you have stored canned items or boxes.

Ask your child to read to you all the items he/she can. Using environmental print is a fun way to have your child feel confident reading. ( Environmental print is basically the signs and labels all around you that you see everyday. Items like store brands, food labels, street signs, etc.)

5. Allow your child to sort items in your kitchen cabinets by the first letter of the items.

 All the items starting with the letter “P” in one place, (peas, peanut butter, pepper, etc.) all the items starting with “S” in another ( salt, salad dressing, sandwich bags, etc.)

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