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Ten Reading Resolutions for the New Year

Ten Reading Resolutions for the New Year
Ten New Year Reading
1. I will read with my child every day for at least 20 minutes.

2. I will take my child to the library to select books often.

 3. I will model reading to my child by reading books myself.

4. I will have books around the house for myself and my child.
 5. I will seek ways to encourage my child to write.
6. I will limit TV watching in my home.
7. I will buy my child books as gifts to be treasured.
8. I will share stories with my child that I loved to hear as a child.
9. I will look for books that interest my child including non-fiction books.
10. I will make reading time a time for bonding and sharing together.
What are your New Year Reading Resolutions?

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