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Ten Things I Love

Ten Things I Love

Holidays are a wonderful time to involve your child in literacy activities. A great activity to introduce your child to reading is by creating books about the upcoming holiday together. Here is a simple way to encourage your child to both read and write about his/her favorite family holiday traditions.


Take 5 to 8 sheets of blank paper.
Fold them in half and create a book.
You can staple or tie the book together with yarn or string.

On the cover of the books write the title:

Ten Things I Love

Open up the book and on the first page write :

Ten Things I Love About ____________________ (here you fill in the name of the holiday you want to write about ex. Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)

On the next page you write the words:
I love …………………………….

and on the opposite page you write :
and I also love………………………………

Ask you child to give you ten things that s/he loves about the holiday.
You can make a list together.

Then ask your child to write one item on each page and illustrate that page or find photos from a magazine and cut and paste them on the page.

When you finish all ten items, ask your child to read the book to you.

You can make a book for each holiday!
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