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1 empty tissue box
1 roll from empty paper towel container
6 sheets of plain white paper
markers or crayons
empty small envelope
6 index cards
tape or glue

teaching your child to read

Take the tissue box and cut one hole on each end of the box. The hole should be large enough for the empty paper towel roll to fit inside.
Place the paper towel roll inside the two holes.
Cut several sheets of plain white paper to fit the width of the inside of the hole on the top of the box.
Tape the sheets together to form one long roll.
Tape the roll of paper on to the empty paper towel roll inside the box.
Take 3 index cards and cut them into fourths.
On each card place one sticker and write the word that describes the sticker.
Ex. Sticker of a bird, write the word bird.
Take the next 3 index cards and cut them in fourths.
On each card write one of these words:
The, the, and, A, a, My
see, dance, run, fly, play, sing
Place the index cards inside the envelope.
Tape the envelope on to the front of the tissue box.

Give your child some crayons or markers.
Ask him/her to take out several of the index cards.
Give your child a chance to see the cards and play with them.
Show him/her how you can make up sentences using the cards.
Ask your child to make a sentence.
Ask him/her to write the sentence on the roll of paper.
Give your child more cards and ask him/her to make more sentences and then write them on the paper roll.
See how many sentences your child can read and write.

For a more advanced child, you can change the index cards to harder words.

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