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Two2Read Children’s Cookbook Giveaway

Two2Read Children’s Cookbook Giveaway



Cooking with Children for the Holidays

In a recent article by the Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA) it was said that :

 ” Cooking with very young children has multiple benefits including creating good nutrition habits, bonding, and learning multiple skills in the process.”
 With the holidays fast approaching, having your children around and involved in holiday preparations can be a great way to get them turned on to  reading. In my website :, I have many literacy activities that show you various ways to keep your child interested and involved in holiday preparations.

One of the best ways to do this is through cooking. Here are several great children’s cookbooks that could help out.

1.    Kid’s Fun and Healthy Cookbook, by Nicola Graimes

2.    The Children’s Quick and Easy Cookbook, by Angela Wilkes

3.    Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes: A Cookbook  for  Preschoolers and Up, by Mollie Katzen.

4.    Mom and Me Cookbook, by Annabel Karmel

5.    Christmas Cookies! A Holiday Cookbook, by Susan Devins and Barbara Lehman

6.    Jewish Holidays Cookbook, by Jill Bloomfield

7.    Kids in the Holiday Kitchen: Making, Baking and Giving, by Jessica Strand.

I like to find No-Bake easy recipes to make with kids. There are several in my website. Here is one:

 No-Bake Chocolate Rum Balls

From Spice And Spirit, The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook

Ingredients: (I tripled this recipe to make about 45 nice sized cookie balls – maybe large-walnut size)

8 ounces tea biscuits, plain or chocolate

½ cup sugar

2 tbsp cocoa

½ cup water (if using butter, you can use milk instead of water)

2 tbsp run flavoring (you can use real rum if you prefer)

2 tbsp margarine (can use butter instead)

½ cup coconut and/or sprinkles and melted chocolate (optional)


Crush biscuits into small bowl. Kids can do it by hand by placing cookies in a bag and pounding with something. Mix sugar, cocoa and water in a small pot. Stirring constantly, bring to a boil and remove from flame. Stir in margarine, and when it has melted, pour mixture over crumbs and mix. Form into small balls and roll balls in coconut and sprinkles or decorate with melted chocolate and sprinkles.

Win one of these cookbooks for your child!

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19 Responses to “Two2Read Children’s Cookbook Giveaway”

  1. Marta says:

    Hi! I’m not very good at cooking, but I love cooking with my son: salads, croissants, carrot cake…

  2. Marta says:

    I am a blog follower through Google Friend Connect name = Marta García. Thanks! martaplayita [at] gmail dot com

  3. Kristie says:

    We like to make sugar cut-out cookies together and decorate them :-)

  4. Kristie says:

    I’m a follower through GFC.

  5. Michelle Nero says:

    My twin daughters are 18 months old and I have yet to involved them in making a favorite recipe! Now that I think about it, I do have a no bake cookie recipe that I used to make with my mom when I was younger. I’ll also have to check this book out to get some more ideas!

  6. Baking cookies–chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, or sugar cookies are fun with my nieces.
    pd6914 at gmail dot com

  7. Cee says:

    My favorite recipe to cook with my daughter is roasted potatoes. She loves scrubbing the potatoes, and she also loves taking the pieces of potato and mixing them with olive oil and spices. It’s messy but fun!

  8. Tammy1409 says:

    We enjoy making muffins together on a regular basis. When they help make healthy muffins, they are more likely to eat them.

  9. Karina says:

    My son and I love to make smoothies and our own parfaits!
    Our favorite smoothie to make is called the Popeye smoothie!

    1 large banana
    1 mango
    1/2 cup rasberries
    2 handfuls baby spinach leaves
    1.5 cups milk

  10. Karina says:

    I just left a comment with our favorite recipe!

  11. Karina says:

    I am subscribed to

  12. Karina says:

    I follow this blog via GFC!

    Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

    Reading is power!

  13. Kathy Davis says:

    Ghost Cookies at Halloween

  14. Kathy Davis says:

    GFC follower as Mrs. Kathy Davis

  15. Kathy Davis says:

    I have my MS in Special Education too. I retired this year but can’t stay away. I am now teaching one-on-one with a non- verbal, low functioning, autistic boy, age 9. I love it. Paul is an awesome kid.
    Just a little FYI. Kathy

  16. Debrah Campbell says:

    My kids and me love to make bon bons for christmas!

  17. phxbne says:

    she loves to make chocolate cake from scratch

  18. Betsy says:

    My son loves Molly Katzen’s kids cook books.

  19. Alida Bunder says:

    You have won the Two2Read Children’s Cookbook giveaway! Please let me know which of the cookbooks listed you want me to send to you. Also send me your address. I am also a special ed. teacher. I am glad you are continuing your work with special kids.

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