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Two2Read May GiveAway

Two2Read May GiveAway

Best Books For Kids Who (Think They) Hate to Read : 125 Books That Will Turn Any Child Into A lifelong Reader by Laura Backes

This book is created to help parents choose what books are right for their child. It shows parents

how to match a book to their child.

Some children don’t take easily to reading. They may have difficulty learning to read, they may run toward other activities like watching television or playing sports, or they may never have been taught that reading can be fun, interesting, or rewarding. It is most important that you help your child develop a love of reading so that reading will become a big part of his or her life.

Keep reading fun.

Children need the freedom to choose books that are at their personal interest or recreational reading level—which is usually below their grade level. The more a child who is below “grade level” reads, the sooner he or she will catch up.

The author gives parents clues which will help you choose the right books for your child. Here are the author’s 8 ways to help pick the right books.


When kids laugh, they’re enjoying the reading process, and they’ll want to do it again.

Well-Defined Characters
Children identify strongly with the characters in their books, be they animals, people, or space aliens.

Fast-Paced Plot
Children want action. The story should start moving on page one, and soon after the reader should know what problem the main character will be trying to solve.

In good reluctant reader fiction, chapters allow the reader to rest between chapters and still feel a sense of fulfillment while still making the reader want to turn the page to see what happens next.

Suitable TextThe text has to challenge the reader but not overwhelm him or her. You want to look for books that speak to your child intellectually while conveying the ideas in a straightforward way.

Kid Relevance
The issues in the book should be important and relevant to your child’s life. This helps your child to become involved with the characters and what happens to them in the story.

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