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Visual Learners

Visual Learners

Visual Learners 

Every one learners differently. Several years ago (1983), Howard Gardner came up with the theory of the Multiple Intelligence. In working with several of my students, I have found that some of them are visual learners. They remember things best if I color code words we want to remember. They have a great sense of space and easily visualize objects and plan ideas out by drawing. A visual learner prefers pictures, maps and colors to organize information. They usually have a good sense of direction and can visual the way to get somewhere.

Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet, a licensed clinical social worker, defines the visual learner as someone who “needs to see it to know it.” According to Moskowitz-Sweet,

a visual learner may:
Have a strong sense of color and be very color – oriented
Need to look at the person he is talking to in order to keep focused
Write things down in a way so as to remember
Use hands when talking

Easily distracted by noise

Holds images in his head.

Can misinterpret words, sometimes does not get the joke

Notices similarities and differences.

Here are Several Ways to Help Visual Learners:
1. Make outlines
2. Use diagrams – use colorful sticker charts for setting goals or doing chores
3. Watch videos
4. Color code words

5. Draw maps of events

6. Use flash cards

7. Use highlighter

8. Circle words

9. Underline words

10. Talk to your child face to face. Use eye contact

11. Provide a quiet place to read and/or study

12. Color code boxes or drawers so all the socks go in the drawer with the red sticker.

Here are some great websites that promote visual learning for kids:

2. ( 100 great picture books)


4. (Using Venn diagrams in the classroom) 

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  1. Jackie says:

    My daughter is a right-brained visual learner. She is quite bright, but public school did not teach to her learning style, so I have been homeschooling her the last six years. It works for us.

    I appreciate your tips. Thanks for sharing.

    Mom to a very active teenager who doubles as a bright right-brained learner.

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