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Ways Parents Can Help Their Child in School

Ways Parents Can Help Their Child in School
 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child In School
The 2000 National Reading Panel report (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) emphasized that teacher quality was one of the most important factors in raising reading achievement. In this report, one teacher shared what she felt were important ways a parent can help their child succeed in school. She felt that “when the culture of the home is similar to the culture of the classroom, children tend to do well academically.”

Samuels, S. (2008). Beating the Odds: Giving Kids a Chance to Win the Game of Life. In R. Fink, & S. Samuels (Eds.), Inspiring Reading Success (pp. 1-18). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.


The following is a list of this teacher’s suggestions

Things parents can do to help their children in school:
 Regularity of time. Classrooms and schools run on schedules. At home the children know when it is time to wake up, when they must be ready to walk out the door to be on time for school, and when it is time to come inside and do homework.
Children also have a time limit on how much television to watch. In successful homes, there is a regular time set aside for homework and for book reading.
 Regularity of place. Classrooms have a place for books, for papers, and for clothing, and the teachers strive to maintain neat rooms. When the same idea is carried to the student’s home, the home has a place for eating, book storage, doinghomework, and reading for enjoyment.
Free time spent on cultural activities. Economically poor parents that had children who did well at school spent at least some of their free time visiting the library and taking out books, going to museums and zoos, and making sure that some of the television time was on educational topics.

Interest in what children are learning in school. Parents regularly ask their children what they are learning in school. They also ask their children if they are having problems.

Formal Speech . Formal speech, such as the speech used at work with a superior, is the same type of speech that is used in the classroom. On the other hand, informal speech can be used with one’s friends. In successful homes, parents often use formal speech.

Parents who try to incorporate these characteristics in their homes often find that it helps their children at school.

What are ways you help your child with school?

Do you agree with this teacher’s list?

What other things should a parent to do help their child succeed in school?

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