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What’s In a Name Activity

What’s In a Name Activity

What’s In a Name Activity

One of the best ways to get your child interested in reading and writing is to use their own name. Here are some fun ways to work with your child and introduce reading and writing skills at the same time:


1. Write your child’s name. Ask your child to write his/her name.

Go over the letters and say the name of each letter of your child’s name.

Now ask your child to do the same.

Taking the letters of your child’s name, can you make a new word?


Child’s name is Matthew;

You can spell the word MAT, HAT, MET, WET, THE, HAM

Hint: If your child’s name does not have enough letters, use their middle or last name to make up more words.

Example: Pat Smith.

You can spell : sat, mat, hat, hit, sit, mit, tap, sap, map

2. Ask your child to write his/her name.

Use the first letter of his/her name and write other words that start with that letter.



A – apple, ant

M – mouse, mom

A – after, again

N – nut, nice

D – door, duck

A – animal, airport

3. Ask your child to write his/her name.

Using the first letters of his/her name, write a sentence for each letter, and make up a story together with your child.


Robert -

There was once a Red Robin.

The Robin flew Over the Owl.

Then the Robin went to the Barn.

In the barn the Robin saw 5 Eggs.

The Red Robin sat on the 5 eggs.

Then There were Ten Tiny baby Robins.

4. Using the first letter of your child’s name, ask your child to think of a word that describes him/herself.



P – pretty

A – adorable

M – magical

E – eager

L – loving

A – American

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  1. I like how all of those ideas challenge kids to think on a higher level and make connections with the letters in their names. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

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