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May Giveaway: Win Three Little Golden Books of your choice!

May Giveaway: Win Three Little Golden Books of your choice!


Thank you everyone for entering! The winner is Michelle Willow!!
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I am a serious collector of vintage Little Golden Books. It all started about ten years ago on a visit to my sister in Seattle. We were having a fun sister day outing and wandered into an antique shop. In a dusty corner we found a stash of vintage Little Golden Books. We were drawn to these books by memories of our own childhood, and so we each picked out 5 books to give to our own (grown) children from this pile of old, worn, gently used but loved books.

Since that day I began to seek vintage Little Golden Books wherever I went. I now have a collection of over 1500 Little Golden Books, mostly from the 1940s and 1950s.

Recently my sister-in-law gave me a book called Golden Legacy: How Golden Books Won Children’s Hearts, Changed Publishing Forever, and Became An American Icon Along the Way by Leonard S. Marcus, which traces the history of Little Golden Books from its earliest years, over 65 years ago. The first printing of 600,000 Little Golden Books sold out very quickly. The publishers, Simon and Schuster soon found within 5 months that they had sold over 1.5 million copies with back orders for an additional 2 million books.

The first 12 Little Golden Books to be published were:
Three Little Kittens, Bedtime Stories, The Alphabet From A to Z, Mother Goose, Prayers For Children, The Little Red Hen, Nursery Songs, The Poky Little Puppy, The Golden Book of Fairy Tales, Baby’s Book, The Animals of Farmer Jones, and This Little Piggy.

Many famous authors and illustrators were hired by Little Golden Books over the years, like: Feodor Rojankovksy (The Three Bears), Gustaf Tenggren (The Poky Little Puppy), Tibor Gergely (The Taxi That Hurried) and Eloise Wilkin (Baby Dear).

Little Golden Books originally sold for only .25 cents!

Today my living room, grand-children’s playroom and bedroom all contain bookcases filled with Little Golden Books. Whenever I have children come to visit, they each take a stack of Little Golden Books off the shelves and sit down on a comfortable chair and begin reading. The appeal of Little Golden Books is still strong, and they are actually still being published! Many of the original titles are being reprinted and new titles are being released. Today they sell for about $3.99 each.

I have many favorites, as does my husband. His all time favorite is The Poky Little Puppy. I am in love with all the books illustrated by Eloise Wilkin like Come Play House, The Wonders of the Seasonsand Baby Listens, just to name a few.

To win any 3 New Little Golden Books of your choice (on Amazon for $3.99 or less per book), you need to:

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This Two2Read giveaway will end on Sunday May 22, 2011 at midnight EST. Each entry will be assigned a number and the winner will be determined by picking a number via The winner will be announced on Monday, May 23, 2011.

182 Responses to “May Giveaway: Win Three Little Golden Books of your choice!”

  1. Pamela says:

    My favorite Golden Book is “The Boy with the Drum”. It was a favorite as a child and my daughters love it… it is so rhythmical and the illustrations are gorgeous!

  2. Pamela says:

    I follow your blog!

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    I like Two2Read on FB!

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  6. Pamela says:

    I signed up for your free ezine!

  7. lisa says:

    I think The Little Red Hen and the Poky Little Puppy are my favorites. I had them when I was little, now I get to read them to my children.

  8. lisa says:

    I follow you on Twitter as 27lisa27.

  9. Roopa says:

    I have not read any of these books as a kid(I was in India) But Little red hen and three bears are my daughters favorute now!

  10. Roopa says:

    I follow ur blog throu google connect

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    I tworead2 on facebook

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    I follow you on twitter…

    putti DOT prapancha @ gmail DOT com

  13. Lori says:

    I think it was called A Present for the Princess. I loved it so much! A little blind boy brought a strawberry from his garden to the princess for her birthday.

  14. My favourite is I am a Bunny by Ole Risom. I love the illustrations!

    Take care,

  15. I have subscribed to receive your emails!

  16. I like you on facebook!

  17. Marta says:

    Hi! My favorite Little Golden Books are Little Cottontail, Hansel and Gretel and This Little Piggy and other counting rhymes. I don’t know if the giveaway is open to international readers of your blog, though. I follow your blog via GFC, name= Marta García. Thanks and best regards!

  18. Alida Bunder says:

    I would be happy to send the books internationally, if you are the winner.

  19. Emillie says:

    I have always loved the pokey little puppy too.
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  20. Emillie says:

    I follow your blog – gfc – emillie.
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  25. I liked Three Little Pigs as a kid. :) And if we won, one little girl would get Wonders of Nature, Little Mommy and Where Do Kisses Come From?

  26. Following you on FB as Michelle Willow

  27. following you on Twitter as @BestToddlerToys

  28. Following you via gfc (sorry for switching between 2 account :(

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  30. Savеd as а faνоrite, I гeаlly like your blog!

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